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Internal security management solutions

Reduce security risks

Minimize the risk of unauthorized access to company information, by restricting and controlling user access to internal data, by applying specific rules and policies for every department and their individual hierarchy. Secured and restricted access can be beneficial to any network that has more than 3-5 users, by ensuring controlled and uninterrupted access to your documents and workstations.

Increase security for important documents

Increase security for confidential documents and avoid the risk of accidental or intentional data loss by implementing a centralized data storage solution that offers the possibility of a unified and organized control.

Control the flow of outgoing data

Control the departure of company data by limiting user access to optical devices (USB/DVD-RW/Floppy), with the help of Securitee.

Benefit from security specialists that guarantee:
  • Defining and tracking the strict access rules to and from your local network
  • Defining and tracking real-time anti-virus and anti-spam scanning services targeted at minimizing malware infection
  • Periodic tracking on security logs and alarms and proactive fixes for any encountered incidents
  • Periodic follow-ups to check if the initially defined security policies are being upheld
  • Constant updates for the solution
  • Annual solution audits through the 'Ethical Hacking' services
  • Weekly security scans done from outside of the network